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STX Entertainment owner Robert Simonds aims to improve the prospects of the current Hollywood filmmaking trends

Robert Simonds is an acclaimed film producer with many years of experience in this industry. Being an avid creator of films with numerous successful ventures to his name, Robert Simonds has always believed in creating films that his audience can strongly relate to. In 2014, he launched his media company ...

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4 Ways to Leverage Remote Teams for Exponential Growth

Technology has – and will continue to – revolutionize the workplace in ways that we couldn’t have ever expected even just a decade ago, and no technology has been more disruptive than the internet and its ability to allow remote teams to work on a business from all corners of ...

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Curiosity- The Key To Learning

Curiosity is an eagerness to know or learn about something. “A human mind is a curious thing, it can take just so much and no more.” It is a well-known fact that learning is a never-ending process, being curious about something will result in more attention towards the topic and ...

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How to Be a Politician or Work in Politics

There are many types of work, with more or less recognition, more or less complex, but many of them require something indispensable: the vocation. The vocation is the innate interest that a person has to lead a specific lifestyle or perform a specific activity. Normally, these vocations have to do ...

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