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Fossil Hybrid Watches – The Perfect Compromise?

Digital technology today rules our lives, and our work, and to be honest there’s not many places you can go to get away from it. For older generations this might be a problem, but millennials and younger generations love it, they lap up technology wherever they find it, and they find it almost everywhere. From wifi enabled fridges to home heating systems you can control from your phone, mobile internet in your car or even at the top of a mountain, it’s everywhere. However, as much as we love technology, its ubiquity in recent times has sparked somewhat of a quiet backlash. We’re quite happy to continue sharing our lives on Facebook or Instagram, and surfing the web on our phones 24/7, but wearable technology, that you’re seen with all the time, isn’t favoured quite as much.

While it’s undeniable that the smart watch has had a meteoric rise in the past few years, not everyone likes the idea of having a computer attached to their wrist, or at least one that looks like a computer. That’s where the hybrid comes in. Whilst looking like a traditionally manufactured watch with a dial, face and hands (physical, not digital), they combine elements of digital technology under the hood to bring a connected element to it.

Fossil watches have one of the best ranges of these pieces, as well as smartwatches themselves. Their newest offering, the ‘Q Neely’ is a much more slimline, feminine design, with a variety of interchangeable straps and a neat 36mm bezel. On the outside it looks like an elegant traditional watch, but on the inside it can keep track of your steps, your sleep, buzz you with notifications on your phone or if you have a call, act as a remote shutter release for your phone camera and a myriad of other things, all packed into this beautiful shell.

So, this begs the question, if you desire a watch but don’t want a fully digital piece, is the hybrid a good choice? The answer is now yes. It’s a wonderfully designed watch, and if you weren’t told you would have no way of knowing there was any digital element to it, so think of it as a traditional watch with hidden added extras. The questions is now, why wouldn’t you buy one?

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