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Shop through some amazing prom looks

Prom is the most awaited times of in your school year filled with a lot of fun and some great memories. Not many things are needed to have a great prom memory other than an alluring and charming prom dress and some great friends to celebrate the day with.

Steps to buy the perfect prom dress

What type of dress do you want to wear? Here you have to draw inspirations from the red carpet looks of the celebrities, catwalk and fashion catalogues. There are always some styles that will suit your body type. You just have to find your style.

  • Prom is all about exquisite details and precious fabrics. You can choose from an array of fine and luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, organza, lace or velvet and look all seductive and sexy in it.
  • Begin your savings as soon as possible. A great dress needs a good budget. So be sure to keep extra cash not only for dress but also for accessories like hair clips, pantyhose and makeup.
  • The right prom dress can clearly defines your body shape and perfectly fit your face shape. No matter the body shape, there is always a perfect dress for you.
  • Colours speak a lot about your personality. Choosing sophisticated and flattering colour will make you dazzle throughout the night. Warm colour go perfect with light complexions and dark ones go great with whitish and dark complexion. Choose your dress colour that makes you look elegant and mysterious.
  • Start hunting for the right attire. You should start head search around 4-5 weeks before the actual event. Try first with the window search to make up your mind and imagine yourself wearing it. Try variety of designs before you buy one. Slim figures should try something will silhouette. Curvy girls can go with A-line dresses. Cocktail fashions suits short and petite girls. Check the dress for fabric, colour and style.
  • If you did not find your dream dress, then add a little creative flair by getting it tailored for you. Sketch your dress and get it stitched to suit your body requirements. A tailored dress with the right colour and fabric will accentuate your features giving a gorgeous appeal to your look.
  • Don’t forget about the shoes and accessories. Your prom dress is most important but do not forget about the minute things like shoes and accessories. Shoes should be around the same colour as the dress and heels are a preferred choice. Also, do not over wear a lot of jewellery as too much might ruin the look.

Your prom dress is the one that lets you sway your steps freely in the air while you’re on the dance floor. It should also not make you feel foreign and uncomfortable. With a perfect hair, matching heels, mini necklace and right hairstyle is all you need to rock your prom night.

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