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Some Un-Known Bengali Sweets

Bengalis just love eating sweets. They are very fond of it as their meals and snacks are never complete without sweets. You must have heard about the milk-white coloured sweet RashGulla; it is one of the most traditional sweets of India. It is a spongy sweet, which has a sweet juice filled inside it. Each bite will make you feel on the seventh sky. You will find this sweet at every sweet shop in Bengal. The main ingredient in their sweets is Chenna (a type of homemade cheese). You can also make this dish at home very quickly.

Apart from RashGulla, there are many other delicious sweets, which have been shadowed under the RasGulla. Bengali sweets such as ChumChum, fruit Sandesh, sitabhog and Pantua are so yummy to eat. You can learn how to make sitabhog online in a few simple steps. Here are some sweets which are known to the people of India:

  • LobongLotika: The dish is usually prepared for any special occasion. It is made with flour pastry in which khoya, ground coconut, nuts, and raisins are added for the rich flavour. A clove grips all these pieces. This fried product is a great dish.
  • KheerKadam: The word Kadam came from the word Kadamba, which is a ball shaped small flower. The dish is made by encasing a dry rasgulla, dipped in kheer. The taste will make you mad in every bite.
  • Patishapta: This dish is specially made on the occasion of MakarSankranti, it looks like a roll stuffed with a jaggery and coconut mix. For some extra sweetness, some people also do a topping of sweet hot milk.
  • SitaBhog: The dish has a great myth history. The Sitabhog looks like a GulabJamun. It is fried in the ghee. You can also get an online Sitabhog recipe in Hindi.
  • ChhanarJilipi: A donut like shaped dish looks very fat, but it is very soft from inside. It is made from Chenna, khoya, and maida. After frying, they have to be soaked in sweet syrup. It has a great flavor, and you must try this.
  • ShorBhaja: The dish is one of the most complicated recipes of sweet. It is not only a fried milk cream, but it involves many layers of milk cream. There are different methods and style of cooking varies from region to region like it is different in north Bengal and south Bengal. Some people also use rose water to add the flavour.
  • Pantua: They look exactly like GulabJamun but tastes different. The dish is made from maida, ghee, sugar and a little bit of Chenna. The brown colored round shape Pantua is somewhat spongy but not much. They can be eaten chilled as well as hot, depends on your taste.
  • Joynogorer Moa: The dish contains some ingredients. It is made with date palm jaggery, pure ghee and puffed rice. Mostly it is eaten in the winter season. The round balls are topped with dry fruits such as almond or cashew.
  • Langcha: The dish originated from the town of Burdwan district. This fried sweet made with channa, khoya, and flour. Now, this is made all over the Bengal.

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