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Sustanon 250 is the strongest forms of inject able testosterone. It is popular among the athletes and body builders as it helps in providing quick results regarding improvement in endurance, muscle growth, improve stamina. It is mainly available in 250 mg vials and is only available at prescription of the doctor or the medical consultant. The components of Sustanon are testosterone decanoate, testosterone Isocaproate, testosterone phenyl propionate and testosterone propionate.

There are various real gains reported by the bodybuilders and athletes such as increase in muscle gain, enhancing performance and reduces body fat of the body. It can be used cautiously by the person as it is extremely potent especially the new ones who are using the testosterone injections in order to have muscle mass, enhancement of their performance and physical composition.

There are many side effects of using Sustanon that are as follows:

·         Increase in red blood cells synthesis

·         Acne problems

·         Fertility disorders

·         Increase bad cholesterol

·         Depression

·         High blood pressure

·         Change in the metabolic rate

 It is a controlled substance as it is not designed to increase the performance in sports rather used in therapy in men that are being diagnosed with very lower levels of testosterone (affecting the quality of life such as erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, infertility and low production of sperm). It also causes development of acne and itching problem, pain in the muscles as well as metabolism problem.

 The adverse effects will depend on the age, health conditions, frequency of injections and mg strength taken by the person. It can be used under the proper supervision of medical physician with caution.

It is strongly advisable to people who are under the diagnosis process for medical conditions like arthritis, allergic problems, asthma, heart problems and liver disorders. The benefits are temporary in nature of testosterone injections and once the person stop taking them the gains will start decline. The esters such as decanoate, Isocaproate, propionate and phenyl propionate gives different half life longevity to the testosterone. The results will vary from person to person and depends on the age, exercise routines, weight, type of exercise whether cutting or bulking, intensity of exercise and current medical condition of the person taking it.

It is highly recommended for the real gains reported by bodybuilders in terms of safety, dosage, impressive gains and the frequency of dosage. It is illegal to use this drug without any prescription from the doctor and can result in risk of abuse and misuse as well as produce unpleasant and unexpected adverse and side effects and reactions on the body.


The websites (focus on steroid use and bodybuilding) provide variety of information regarding forum posts, discussions and various recommendations. In order to enhance or reduce the potential estrogenic adverse and side effects (increase in breast tissue in men, edema, swelling in lower extremities) while consuming higher dose of testosterone many websites suggest having a combination of Sustanon testosterone with anabolic steroids. 

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