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Top 5 BPM Tools That Will Provide as Full Digitization of Your Processes as Possible

In the era of rapid development of information technologies, the organizations that actively use business information systems and follow contemporary trends in e-commerce have a great competitive advantage over the companies that do not pay due attention to such aspects. The necessity of business software becomes apparent even at a startup when there is the need to construct a model of business processes of a new company. To ease the elaboration and implementation of internal processes, as well as to make them more effective, various business process management tools are commonly used. Such BPM tools can be either a part of a complex CRM/ERP system or act as a standalone application mainly intended for designing, implementing and monitoring business processes. In our top 5 BPM tools ranking, we will review the solutions that belong to both of the categories. The ranking has been made on the base of the applications’ functionality and their users’ feedback.

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№1 Bpm’online


Bpm’online is a front-runner of our best BPM tools list with its robust capabilities and ready-to-use processes that have been selected based on the best practices of major industries. The solution is suitable for organizations of any size.

Using the system’s BPM platform, you can model, run and monitor business processes of any scope. The platform provides multiple options for customization that will help adapt the system to the internal processes of your company regardless of its specificity.

The solution’s BPM engine delivers multiple tools to cope with the entire BPM cycle of your organization. Once new processes have been implemented, you can control their performance with the help of detailed yet intuitive dashboards and a powerful reporting and analytics toolkit.

With a BPM designer, operations teams can create process diagrams of any complexity not worrying about their apprehensibility for end users, as well as test and modify processes at any stage within the BPM cycle.

Bpm’online’s users find the solution’s functionality more than enough to build and handle all the internal processes of their companies. Also, most of them appreciated an intuitive interface of the software. However, some of the users stated that they needed to pass some training before starting using the application.

№2 AutoMate


AutoMate empowers companies to create and automate business processes of almost any kind. Due to drag-and-drop mechanism of constructing new processes, any user, regardless of his/her background, can take advantage of automating processes of any complexity – from repetitive tasks to back-end workflows.

Depending on your company needs, you can choose between three editions of the software:

  • AutoMate Complete edition, which allows you to create an automation solution by mixing and matching various product modules;
  • AutoMate Enterprise edition, which provides tools for implementing native integrations and complex cross-functional workflows;
  • AutoMate Schedule, which can assist you in automating key processes within several platforms used in your organization in order to increase their ROI.

Regardless of the product you select, you will have access to a robust analytics and control console, which will help you manage and monitor all the automated operations in your organization via any device.

AutoMate’s users consider the correlation features/cost with regard to the solution to be reasonable. However, there are some complaints from the users about sudden crushes of the application when creating processes.

№3 Integrify


Integrify offers a powerful solution for managing projects and tasks across organizations of any size. Integrify allows businesses to streamline their processes, reduce workflow costs and speed up requests’ processing by administrators of various departments.

Operations teams do not need to spend months or weeks for customization and deployment of processes – with Integrify it will take just several days. Creation of forms, process design and building of reports don’t require any knowledge of programming. The interface is intuitive for process initiators and so are ready forms which allow their users to easily and quickly submit requests, complete tasks and track activities’ progress. Due to its architecture based on REST and AJAX technologies, the solution opens up great opportunities for programmers in terms of creation of various custom applications and widgets for web pages.

Buyers can choose between on-premise, private cloud or web-based SaaS deployments of the solution. Integrify supports Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

The users of Integrify claim that the system has so many features that sometimes it is very difficult to find the relevant one. Also, many users aren’t satisfied with the layout editor’s capabilities which don’t give users enough power to customize screens.

№4 LogicGate


LogicGate enables businesses to transform compliance processes into comprehensive applications with an intuitive interface. The solution is in the first place useful for such industries as financial services, retail, energy, healthcare and education where accurate identification, assessment and monitoring of business risks are of high priority.

The solution contains multiple best practice templates that help solve a number of standard business issues in such areas as IT, operations, HR, legal and GRC, so there is no need of coding while creating self-service applications. Pages are constructed by dividing into groupings and sections whereas task elements are added by the drag-and-drop feature. Then corresponding data access levels may be configured for different types of users.

Using LogicGate’s analytics tools, you can track bottlenecks and monitor performance of process workflows. With the solution’s Query Designer, you can build detailed visual reports in seconds.

What LogicGate’s users dislike about the solution is its limited integration capability with other systems.

№5 Kintone


The fifth place in our best BPM tools list belongs to kintone, an application platform as a service, which allows building business and database applications without coding. So, kintone is not just software for mapping processes out. It is a powerful toolkit for constructing, running, testing and modifying business processes.

Apart from process management, the solution allows creating branched workflows, notifications, triggering reminders and dynamic reports with smart graphing features. There is also an option to apply low code functionality of the software, so that, either on your own or in collaboration with IT specialists, you can build more complicated applications.

Owing to an open API of the solution, you can also incorporate existing tools and services to get a centralized and complete view of your business.

Most of kintone’s users highly appreciate the capabilities of the solution, but at the same time they stick to the fact that the application needs more customized features to create processes for larger companies. Also, many users mentioned that some learning was required for using all the functional capabilities of the software.

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