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Being an effective scrum master

Scrum is something which is implemented by the scrum master and a scrum marker is someone who is the expert or professional of the scrum for the better project development. Have you ever seen the tripod and the legs of the tripod? Let us just consider the tip of as a business where one leg is the development team and the second leg is the product owner, the third leg is the scrum team. A business representative and the product owner can balance their relationship with the relationship of the development team and team of scrum master.

Roles of an effective scrub master:

Though, a scrum master have several to play in the whole business but an effective and efficient from master have three major roles to perform. If a scrum master does not play these roles efficiently then the scrum master is not worth. The major three roles of scrum master are mentioned below:

To ensure whether the scrum technology is being followed. It means that is a scrum technology is not being followed by the team then the scrum master can ask for the reason or problem and then solve it on his own end. A scrum master truly understand the importance of the scrum practice for the business’s growth.

To remove the obstacles of the team: Scrum is a tricky task to perform by everyone. Though, it can easily be performed by the scrum master but efficiently performance cannot be expected by every member of the team. The team might face the problem during the practice. So, being a professional, a scrum master can easily tackle and wipe off the problems during the practice and can ensure the smooth working of the team.

Support the team for being self-organized: Self-organization is an important thing which everybody wants. Though, if the team believe in the teamwork then the team can ensure the self-organization but if the team does not believe in it then the scrum master can support the team for the better self-organization.

Apart from this, a better scrum master should know the basic fundamental of the task. If a scrub master does not have the clear idea about the facts then it is not possible to perform the task efficiently. In layman’s language, a scrum master should know about the basic principles of the scrum. A scrum master should understand that what scrum can achieve and what cannot achieve.

A scrum marker should ensure that the scrum principles are followed by everyone or not. If not then why not. A scrum master is accountable for handling all the problems independent. A scrum master should keep the meetings of the team from time to time in which he can discuss about the new technologies, methodology and techniques. A scrum master should be aware of the agile methodologies, project development, software development in an easy and effective way. A good scrum master should get the agile and scrum training course because it is not worth to be a scrum master without the agile and scrum training.

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