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Most Popular International Travel Destinations for Indians

More Indians are choosing to leave their own shores when travelling. Instead of hopping on a train or plane to another state, they’re grabbing their passports and going greater distances. 

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Where they’re going depends largely on the attraction of each destination. Sometimes, it’s a group choice too. Many times, Indians don’t travel alone but do so in a larger group than other nationalities. This has a bearing on the destination, mode of travel and accommodations too. 

For those who want to learn more about the various travel options to different countries, outbound travel agents in India are well represented at the ITB India travel show in 2020. This is a great place for travel professionals to network and meet their peers.

Here are four of the more popular international destinations Indians with a passport. 

Sri Lanka

There are usually more tourists in Sri Lanka arriving from India than any other country. Indeed, since having some recent troubles which upset their young travel industry, the government there has issued free visas for many nationalities to restart their travel industry.

To get there, it’s just a short flight from Chennai to Columbo. The prices are very reasonable in Sri Lanka for Indians who enjoy bargaining for prices. There’s also the luxury end of the market with a good range of upmarket boutique hotels and big-name hospitality brands offering five-star luxury too.


Many Indians visit Thailand for tourism. Commonly, Indians travelling to Thailand do so in small groups rather than traveling alone. This might be young millennials traveling together or families taking a vacation together. Staying in Bangkok with short trips across to Phuket island or up to Chiang Mai and Pai is a very popular holiday choice. 

The rules keep changing with regards to visas for different nationalities. Usually, as an Indian citizen, there’s a visa on arrival option which permits a 15-day stay. It’s also possible to apply in advance for a visa at a Thai Embassy. 


Cambodia offers the opportunity to travel inexpensively around the country using its extensive bus network. There’s convenient bus transport from the Thai capital down to Poipet and over the border into Cambodia. From there, a trip to Siem Reap is the most accessible when you don’t wish to fly into the country. 

The continuously popular Angkor Wat temple within Siem Reap is the most obvious attraction to see. It takes several days to cover the sprawling grounds completely. There’s also Sihanoukville, Kampot and Phnom Penh to visit. Each provides a different perspective on Cambodia.


A trip over to Kathmandu provides plenty of Hindu and Buddhist temples to visit. Indeed, Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini, so Indian Buddhists often wish to make a pilgrimage here.

Any adventurous Indians who are interested in climbing often make a beeline to Nepal. It’s filled with mountains to ascend and plenty of basic rock climbing. People who enjoy trekking and getting out in the wilderness will enjoy a stay in Nepal too. 

The Tribhuvan International Airport is the usual arrival point in Kathmandu. Fortunately, no visa is needed for an Indian to visit Nepal, which makes things much simpler. 

Without needing to venture to Europe or the Americas, Indians can find plenty to explore within the expansive Asian region. Getting enough time away from work to travel is the difficult part.

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