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How to Be a Politician or Work in Politics

There are many types of work, with more or less recognition, more or less complex, but many of them require something indispensable: the vocation. The vocation is the innate interest that a person has to lead a specific lifestyle or perform a specific activity. Normally, these vocations have to do with public service and the need to help others. Doctors, teachers and politicians are also a type of profession that requires a great capacity for sacrifice and willingness to be of help to the community.

Unfortunately, there are always exceptions that tarnish the good name of a professional group. In recent years, politicians have stood out who, with reasons unrelated to public service, have acted dishonorably. Do you have a vocation for public service and do you think you could be a good public representative?

What to study to be a politician

In Spain, as well as in most countries of the world, it is not necessary to study a specific career to be able to be a politician. In fact, in the Spanish case it is not necessary to have studies. Anyway, although the law allows it, it is always better to have a solid academic base and have studies on the subject to which you will dedicate your professional life.

In this sense, there are 3 careers that tend to predominate among active politicians, 3 university studies that by their approach are very useful for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to public administration:

  • Political science: as the name indicates, this university degree deals with everything related to politics. Demography, statistics or economics are the type of subject matter, all of them useful for the development of a professional activity linked to politics.
  • Right: politicians, as part of the legislative power, are responsible for the creation and drafting of laws that will govern the community. That is why the previous study of the legal system is very useful for the subsequent career.
  • Economics: whether for legislation or for the control and administration of public goods, the economics degree can provide a solid base of knowledge to practice as a politician.

How to enter politics: through a party

The easiest way to get into politics is to join a political party. This is not an arbitrary decision, you must choose a match in which you feel comfortable and represented, a match from which you assume your master lines. If you are young you can start in the youth of a political party and, from there, get to know the inner workings to prepare the escalation to other levels.

Usually you start at the local level, if you want, you can start volunteering in an election campaign in your municipality and, little by little, you go up the steps of the party to the point where you feel most comfortable.

How to be a politician: as an independent

But it is not necessary to belong to a political party in order to participate actively in politics. There are numerous cases of independent people, that is, outside a political party, who enter the lists of a party and stand for election.

This path is more difficult than the previous one, since for this you need to create a name for your professional merits, grow as a professional in some aspect so that some party will notice you as a person who can give a good image of your party.

To reinforce your political profile, and not just the professional, you can dedicate part of your free time to volunteer, works for the community that demonstrate -and prove to yourself- that you are a person who cares about others in an altruistic way, that you can trust yourself.

The advantage of being an independent is that people will not see you as a person who is in politics for their own benefit, but they will see you as someone who has triumphed in life and who wants to dedicate some years of their life to help the the rest.

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Article Source: Tape Daily


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