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The Mars Curiosity rover is one example of a mission that uses big data. (COURTESY PHOTO provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Oct. 2013)

Curiosity- The Key To Learning

Curiosity is an eagerness to know or learn about something. A human mind is a curious thing, it can take just so much and no more.It is a well-known fact that learning is a never-ending process, being curious about something will result in more attention towards the topic and ultimately make us learn more.

Curiosity can vary from person to person, as everyone has their thinking capability. Our perception of anything will definitely be different from someone else. From an engagement perspective, an interested student will pay more attention towards the learning.

Let us have a look at how curiosity helps in learning and in our growth-

(i) Prepares your brain for learning- It’s a fact that we are more likely to remember those things that seem to be fascinating to our mind. More often we learn things which are important and easily forget those which are not.

Research says that one can easily pertain knowledge for a prolonged duration out of curiosity. This can be the key to excel in gaining knowledge and helps to perform well in our examination.

(ii) Learn more, study less- It sounds to be tricky, but it is how our mind works. Learning any new concept usually takes a long time. Once you learn the concept, it won’t take that long for studying it for the next time. So investing time and becoming curious about the topic will help the students in future. Think of a topic like Compound Interest, which seems to be difficult for some students in the first go, whereas, when the concept is understood, it seems to be a cakewalk for students.

(iii) Enhances learning- Curiosity can improve the learning method. One can easily intensify knowledge at an enormous rate. With the ability to learn something new, students can gain as much knowledge as they can, which will help them to boost up their knowledge and will also help them to excel in their examination.

(iv) Try something new every day- Curiosity can be helpful in learning new things on a daily basis. Rather than studying and revising the same things, one can invest time in learning the new things, new concepts, and many more, which will help people to intensify their knowledge.

(v) Helps in building confidence- An optimistic person tends to perform well that opens the doorways for learning. Curiosity helps to gain knowledge and build up confidence, which helps students to improve their skills.

These were some benefits of a curious person that helps everyone to enhance their skills and improve knowledge at a tremendous rate.

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