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When my cute baby arrived on the earth, I was worried about the different kinds of baby products on offer. The sad aspect is that most of the products in the market are incorporated with toxins that are not only harmful but carcinogenic in nature. My search for the most sought out products for my little one has started.

My research was not going to end here and after a long time I stumbled upon mama organic baby products in India and believe me I am happy since that very day. So, what are the reasons for what made me opt for mama products? For my little one, I had gone on to use some unpopular brands as most of them were in the news for their harmful chemicals and powerful toxins. I kept on switching from one brand to another in the hope to find my perfect brand. In the midst of all this I too went on to try some home remedies, but left that way behind as rashes would emerge on the skin of my daughter every second day.

It was then I fell in love with Mama Earth as first of all it is certified toxin free which is a big source of relief for me. It is dermatological tested and embedded with natural products like Shea or coco butter. It is not only a made safe brand certified in Asia and what is meant by this form of certification is that the product is free from toxins be it in relation to developmental toxins. The best part about this brand is that it is considered to be brand created by the mothers for the mothers. Let us now go on to compile a list of products of this popular brand

Natural insect repellent

It is a product which is highly rated and is 100 % natural with ingredients in the form of citronella. It is an effective natural repellent and is as effective as DEET. The lemon grass which is part of it goes on to provide a good smell which in no way is irritating for the baby.

Massage oil for babies

This is a soothing oil massage for the little ones, and one has to take into account that massages time in the perfect time of bonding between mother and a baby. This massage oil makes this bond all the more special, with the benefits of cold pressed sesame oil, jojoba along with coconut oil all into one. Not only has it relaxed the baby but it goes on to give a healthy and soothing skin to the baby.

Dipper rash cream

No one wants to be wet all the time and the same policy apply for the little baby as well. So why do they need to suffer from wearing a wet diaper. This cream is known to contain zinc oxide with a non-petroleum base which helps to get rid of the wetness. It ensures that the baby has a soft skin

With so many products being available, one thing is sure that they are made from natural as well as plant based products. So, mama’s products are the basic choice on all counts. The best part is that these products can be used by you, your parents or even your grandparents.

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