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How Useful is NCERT Notes and Solutions for Students?

The popularity of NCERT textbooks, notes and study material is such that more and more students are now opting it as a way to perform better in their exams and classes. Many students are also vouching for the effectiveness of NCERT notes and solutions that are now available online via websites and even some educational apps. One can assume almost that this popularity is due to the demand for additional resources apart from textbooks or other study material that is provided by the school to the students to study.

Compared to other study materials available, one can easily rely on NCERT board to provide the best resources, which if used effectively can actually help a student to ace in his boards and even competitive exams. The NCERT study material prepared by subject matter experts often covers the most important topics as per the syllabus of each class. These concepts are also often a part of the other competitive or entrance exams for students who have just passed their Class 12.

The significance of NCERT notes

What exactly are these notes and how important are they for a student, especially from the examination point of view? We can say that the NCERT notes are actually a compilation of all the crucial aspects of any concept or topic under a subject that can help the students to easily comprehend what is being taught to them in class. Hence, it is indeed a vital tool to help a student learn better in quality.

  • Subject matter experts arrange the concepts in a simple, easy and a systematic manner
  • Students find it easier to comprehend what was taught in class
  • Difficult concepts are easily broken down into more critical points in a more concise way
  • Students can ace the exams if they are thorough with the notes and supplement it with added study materials

Why use NCERT solutions?

Meanwhile, for a student to ace in his exams, it is not enough to just study the notes. One also need to supplement their exam preparations with added study material like sample question papers, previous year question paper, textbooks, additional reading material and NCERT Solutions. Now, the obvious question is one’s mind might be why should one use the solutions and how helpful will it be? We have compiled some advantages of using it here:

  • An essential study resource created by subject matter experts
  • The solutions are often prepared by the latest syllabus of each class
  • Chapter-wise solved examples for better understanding
  • Solutions explain difficult concepts using suitable illustrations and graphs for better and quick understanding
  • Students should first try the questions themselves and then use the solutions to self-assess their knowledge gap

Hence, it should be evident that both the notes and solutions can be beneficial for a student to prepare ahead for the class, upcoming boards and even entrance or competitive exams. Or if a student needs more help via interactive videos, they can subscribe to BYJU’s YouTube channel:

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